Our Story

Kieran and Alice started MySunshine after their son, Leo, was born and they wanted a secure way to share his journey with loved ones. The COVID-19 lockdowns also showed us how useful MySunshine can be for helping families stay connected through anything. Our North Star is to bring families together into a child’s journey. We are continually updating the app to achieve this.

MySunshine is for anyone with young children, people who are expecting a child and first time parents who are looking for something simple to create, store and share memories with their loved ones. A lot of new parents are trying to figure out the most straightforward and secure way to do this and MySunshine is a great solution.

MySunshine helps you build a secure timeline of your child’s early memories and milestones to share with your friends and family. You can build your MySunshine timeline, or multiple timelines in just a few simple steps. The menu is easy to navigate and the photo upload, baby milestones, and family sharing options are all clearly laid out.

Multiple timelines
MySunshine gives you the scope to create multiple timelines; one for each child. With total control over permissions you can be sure to keep your content safe and only accessible to your chosen loved ones.

Easy to use and accessible
We have designed our app with families in mind. The design is straightforward so that anyone can use it, from cousins to grandparents. We also have an FAQ page for any questions you may have! 

Organised memories and milestones
Memories and milestones are automatically organised by date for your ease of use. Your timeline will be ordered by the dates each photo or video was taken. 

More information?
To find out more, check out our Founders note or FAQ.
Alternatively, contact us on hello@mysunshine.com and we’ll be happy to help!

Private and secure
MySunshine is a secure and easy to use app for the entire family and all your friends. It is also totally private - you have full control over who can access each timeline, including the permissions they have within the app. You can adjust or remove access at any time. MySunshine is secure by design; communication is encrypted both in transit and in our database.

Look back on precious memories and key moments in your child’s life with the knowledge that your photos will be kept safe and secure, only for your trusted loved one’s to access. 

Invite loved ones
MySunshine offers a different take on photo-sharing. It allows you to stay connected with the people really important to you and your child, and create a secure social feed tailored to your little one.Your friends and family can like and comment on your memories and milestones - keep them involved wherever they are! 

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