Capture and Share Family Memories

Never miss a moment! MySunshine helps you to securely share your child’s journey with family and friends.

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Why MySunshine?

MySunshine was built by parents with privacy in mind. We wanted a way to securely share and look back on our child's first moments.

Instant Notifications

Nobody misses out. We keep the whole family informed of new content or activity as often as they wish.

Organise Memories

No more scrolling endlessly, easily tag and search your timeline.

Friendly App

MySunshine is simple for everyone to use and available for the Web, iOS and Android.

High Quality Content

High-quality photos and videos optimised for your device — no blurred photos or waiting around to load.


Best-in-class security by design. All communication is encrypted and your data is stored in an encrypted format as well.

Fast Uploads

Upload multiple photos or videos at once. We support a wide range of file types with no file size limits.

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