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They grow up so fast! MySunshine allows you to create milestones for every special moment, from your 3 month scan to coming home from hospital and beyond.

What was their first word or solid food? You can create your own milestones to share and look back on at anytime.

Loved ones you invite will be able to follow along no matter where they are, we send occasional email or app notifications to keep everyone up to date.

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MySunshine is trusted by 1,000's of parents around the world with their most important memories.

Securely store and share your special moments — you choose who to share with and can change or remove access at any time.

Secure by design. Communication is encrypted both in transit and our database. No more need for multiple WhatsApp groups or posting on social media.

Why MySunshine?

Track Milestones
Capture your child’s milestones and share them with loved ones, so nobody misses a moment.
Organise Memories
Keep track of the story behind the pictures using our chronological timeline to follow your child’s progress.
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Stay connected with interactive comments and build your child's story together.
High Quality Content
Uploads are optimised for your device - so anything uploaded to your timeline will stay in the best quality.
Regular Updates
Choose daily or monthly updates to notify family members about your child’s journey as often as they wish.
Any data you upload is encrypted, so only those you invite to your timeline can see what you've uploaded.

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